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Monday, August 11, 2008


This year, THE VIRGIN MOBILE BLOG brought you CROWD CAM...great photos from the other side of the stage. As always, what was going on in the crowd proved to be as interesting as what was on the stage. CROWD CAM has been a big success and the readers say they love it, so we thought we would add this brand new feature.

Introducing the CREW CAM!!!

It's dedicated to the greatest crew of media professionals in the business.


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THE VIRGIN MOBILE BLOG would like to say "HELLO" to all the BOB DYLAN fans who have been stopping by from We've been promising to get some photos up from his show. I'm sorry to say we didn't get a ton of great shots of him. We were way to far away (BOB STILL PACKS A STAGE!). Have a look may see something you like. You can find the BOB photos and more in the PHOTO section of the VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL WIDGET

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Virgin Mobile Festival 2008 Is Done

Wow...what and event. We are still uploading audio and videos and likely will be 'till late tomorrow. If you don't see photos from your favorite artist yet, give us time.


Check back tomorrow...and tell your friends.

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Kanye West is a ROCKSTAR!!!!

Hey there, what's good? It's Shawna Renee of FLAVA 204 live and direct from The Virgin Mobile Festival's South stage where Kanye West is lighting up the stage with THE best performance of the day. Haters my hate, but no one who's seen him live dare listen. Kanye West is one of those performers who defies description. Is he Hip Hop? Rock? Pop? Punk? Yes, that and more. Complete with a live band, dizzying light display and the realist lyrics this side of the ROC, Kanyeezee is doing his thing. In just the 1st twenty minutes Kanye battled with some of the hardest guitar riffs I've ever heard at a Hip Hop show and of course some of the most innovative beats. And as he wraps things up he no doubt will leave with thousands of new music lovers ready to jump on the Kanye train. yea it's Meraf. I'm not staying long (sorry KANYE IS ON LIVE). I'll leave with (omg I just heard some bullets or fireworks to the left either which way I ain't movin cuz I'm focused on KANYE) he's a BEAST. He freestylin some stuff I've never heard and I be ON IT ok? This is just "real" good music and as Kanye just said "people just love great music" I concur and must leave now to focus on my man Kanye 2 da. lol I'll have more to say on my blog at sometime this week. Ciao ;)


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Shawna & Meraf

The Show Must Go On

Rumor has it that Trent Reznow is sick...but the NINE INCH NAILS show went on as planned. If he was sick, you'd never know by the way he ran around the stage, gripping the mic with two hands and screaming from his toes. The show was dark and tight (except for a slightly too-long set change). He gave us a great mix of the hits and the deeper cuts and the crowd loved every second of it. Get well soon, Trent.

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Dylan, All Keyed Up

Once more, it is I, Jeb, sitting here listening to the final strains of a surprising set by none other than Bob Dylan. While most (myself among the most ardent) would like to see him with a guitar in hand, Mr. Zimmerman chose to sit in on the keyboard throughout the set, which allowed him to drive the short set of classics in new and interesting directions. Among the standouts were an almost unrecognizable "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again", the wild "Highway 61" and a seemingly languid "Mr. Jones", which built and stretched into something just as sinister as the vitriolic original. While most of the set was culled from his classic albums, he did at one point throw in the beautiful "When the Deal Goes Down" from his latest, Modern Times. The set was a short one, as each song meandered of it's own accord (get it, a chord?! I made a pun, somebody get a tranq gun!) But after they left the stage, they returned for one last hurrah, powering through a crowd favorite "Like a Rolling Stone", at which point they bowed politely, and ran off to secure seats for the upcoming Kanye show. At least, I'd like to think Dylan hangs out with his band and listens to hip-hop. Perhaps there will be snacks. Time to hit up Nine Inch Nails (if Trent pulls out "I'm Afraid of Americans" I will rush the stage. Promise.)

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Scotty Why Sayz...


Are you kidding me!!! IGGY POP is soooo pro. This guy is still punker than any kiddie-punk-poser parade coming out of LA these days. IGGY POP was RAW back in the day...and is just as raw today. He jumped, climbed, kicked, body surfed and used every pofanity in the curse-word dictionary. It was also great to see the greatest bass player known to man-kind...MIKE WATT of fIREHOSE and MINUTEMEN fame...thumping out Iggy's groove-line.

I got some GREEEEAT photos from in front of the stage. Check them out in the VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL WIDGET and then leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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Stacy Soul Explores VMF 2008

THE VIRGIN MOBILE BLOG has spent the past 2 days bringing you live coverage of this incredible event. Today, STACY SOUL from 1WORLDSPACE channel BOB explored the festival grounds and brought back this report.

You can hear even more live reports in the VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL WIDGET

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Lil' Wayne Is Coming To The Stage...

and look who's here.

Now that's funny???!

Lil' Wayne photos are coming soon to the widget.

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Chromeo Rolls The Dance Tent

Hey, this is Jeb again. So after yesterday, it's hard to come back and expect anyone to bring the level of awesome Saturday's lineup proffered. Considering some of us are sore, and sleep deprived (and cranky) it clearly indicates an unhealthy love of music, and our commitment to you all, the listeners/readers. And yet, when I walked into the dance tent this morning to see Chromeo, all my fears were allayed. Chromeo, the high powered electro-funk duo, came out ready to get people moving, even though most of those people were hung over, and largely unaware they'd wandered into the dance tent. Cheesy disco beats, vocoder antics and more than enough cowbell got me dancing in an otherwise embarrassing manner, if it hadn't been for the rest of the audience getting down in similar fashion. The guys ripped through most of their most popular songs, and to the delight of the crowd, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", closing with their hit "100%". This is the purest of pure cheese, everyone knows the music and the dancing is silly, and you know what? NO ONE CARES, IT IS JUST TOO MUCH FUN. If you want to get in on a little of the madness, check out photos of the set in the VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL WIDGET.

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