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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chromeo Rolls The Dance Tent

Hey, this is Jeb again. So after yesterday, it's hard to come back and expect anyone to bring the level of awesome Saturday's lineup proffered. Considering some of us are sore, and sleep deprived (and cranky) it clearly indicates an unhealthy love of music, and our commitment to you all, the listeners/readers. And yet, when I walked into the dance tent this morning to see Chromeo, all my fears were allayed. Chromeo, the high powered electro-funk duo, came out ready to get people moving, even though most of those people were hung over, and largely unaware they'd wandered into the dance tent. Cheesy disco beats, vocoder antics and more than enough cowbell got me dancing in an otherwise embarrassing manner, if it hadn't been for the rest of the audience getting down in similar fashion. The guys ripped through most of their most popular songs, and to the delight of the crowd, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", closing with their hit "100%". This is the purest of pure cheese, everyone knows the music and the dancing is silly, and you know what? NO ONE CARES, IT IS JUST TOO MUCH FUN. If you want to get in on a little of the madness, check out photos of the set in the VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL WIDGET.

The World Music Blogger

1 comment:

Evan said...

Chromeo was awesome!!! Your so right about the cheese factor! Haha but thats what makes it soo good. It truly is all just having fun and doing whatever you want too! I took the pictures I took from the show and made a time line of their preformance over at check out if you get a chance... alot of really good shots were taken!!