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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dylan, All Keyed Up

Once more, it is I, Jeb, sitting here listening to the final strains of a surprising set by none other than Bob Dylan. While most (myself among the most ardent) would like to see him with a guitar in hand, Mr. Zimmerman chose to sit in on the keyboard throughout the set, which allowed him to drive the short set of classics in new and interesting directions. Among the standouts were an almost unrecognizable "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again", the wild "Highway 61" and a seemingly languid "Mr. Jones", which built and stretched into something just as sinister as the vitriolic original. While most of the set was culled from his classic albums, he did at one point throw in the beautiful "When the Deal Goes Down" from his latest, Modern Times. The set was a short one, as each song meandered of it's own accord (get it, a chord?! I made a pun, somebody get a tranq gun!) But after they left the stage, they returned for one last hurrah, powering through a crowd favorite "Like a Rolling Stone", at which point they bowed politely, and ran off to secure seats for the upcoming Kanye show. At least, I'd like to think Dylan hangs out with his band and listens to hip-hop. Perhaps there will be snacks. Time to hit up Nine Inch Nails (if Trent pulls out "I'm Afraid of Americans" I will rush the stage. Promise.)

The World Music Blogger

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rrenner00 said...

I was disappointed.