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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kanye West is a ROCKSTAR!!!!

Hey there, what's good? It's Shawna Renee of FLAVA 204 live and direct from The Virgin Mobile Festival's South stage where Kanye West is lighting up the stage with THE best performance of the day. Haters my hate, but no one who's seen him live dare listen. Kanye West is one of those performers who defies description. Is he Hip Hop? Rock? Pop? Punk? Yes, that and more. Complete with a live band, dizzying light display and the realist lyrics this side of the ROC, Kanyeezee is doing his thing. In just the 1st twenty minutes Kanye battled with some of the hardest guitar riffs I've ever heard at a Hip Hop show and of course some of the most innovative beats. And as he wraps things up he no doubt will leave with thousands of new music lovers ready to jump on the Kanye train. yea it's Meraf. I'm not staying long (sorry KANYE IS ON LIVE). I'll leave with (omg I just heard some bullets or fireworks to the left either which way I ain't movin cuz I'm focused on KANYE) he's a BEAST. He freestylin some stuff I've never heard and I be ON IT ok? This is just "real" good music and as Kanye just said "people just love great music" I concur and must leave now to focus on my man Kanye 2 da. lol I'll have more to say on my blog at sometime this week. Ciao ;)


The World Music Blogger

Shawna & Meraf

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